Award winning speaker, Author, spoken word poet

about isaiah

Inspiring content. Passionate energy. Amazing audience connection. Isaiah is a award winning speaker (2016 Harpeth View Toastmasters Club International Speech Champion; 2016 Division E Speech Contest Champion, Finished top 5 Toastmaster International District 63 Speech Contest) whose mission is to empower teens to live into their greater story.
     Isaiah is from Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in a environment that faced problems like drugs, gang involvement, poor school performance and crime. With all odds against him, he fell in love with the sport of track and field. Track and field has taught Isaiah many valuable lessons about life. Just as in the sport of track, in life we all will experience pain. We have to learn to endure and press through the pain in order to achieve greatness. Pain is necessary for growth. Through the sport of track he was able to see that there was more to life than the inner-city of Detroit. Isaiah became an All-American in High School and attended College on a Track scholarship.
     Isaiah did not grow up with positive male role models in his life but his track and field coach saw something within him that he did not see in himself. It totally changed the trajectory of his life. Isaiah's goal is to facilitate the change in which young people wish to see in their life.
     Isaiah graduated from Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. He obtained a Master's of Divinity from Lipscomb University. He currently serves as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force Reserve. In a world of competing stories, his aim is to give young people a vision of a better story for their life. Isaiah will equip and motivate students to overcome obstacles and break negative cycles to live the life they envision with purpose.

     When Isaiah is not speaking, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Rahab Marshall and his daughter Olivia Marshall. Along with being a professionally trained speaker, Isaiah is a actor, gifted minister, spoken word poet, and youth advocate.