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Stand up against Bullying

Nearly everyone has been bullied or knows someone they care about who has. Bullying doesn’t benefit anyone – not even the bully. The things that we say and the things that we do can have an impact on someone’s life.

When discussing bullying, Isaiah shares his own personal experience with dealing with being bullied. From his own experience and the experiences of others Isaiah discovered the key to standing up to bullies. Isaiah will teach your students the best and most effective way to deal with bullying. 


Results & Benefits for Your Group

Students will discover how to:

  • Students will learn how to respond to bullies
  • Love has the power to transform an bully into a friend
  • How to BE THE CHANGE on their school campus
  • Develop resilience by learning to cope with and stand up against bullying
  • Help students remember their self-worth and increase their self-esteem by embracing their uniqueness  

Ideal audiences for Isaiah’s youth

Middle school students
High school students
College Students

Ideal events for Isaiah's programs:

Christian Conferences

Student leadership conferences
School assemblies
Graduation/commencement programs
Youth Camps
Youth Retreats

As a professionally trained speaker, Isaiah provides engaging and theologically sound talks on a variety of topics. Isaiah will work with you one on one to customize talks for your event based on your theme and vision. Every talk is custom built to fit your needs for the event in both stories, length, and detailed content. Isaiah also has programs he offers for youth events.

We live in a world full of competing stories. These stories shape a persons worldview which affects the way a person views themselves. When we adopt a worldview/ 2nd order story that is not God's story we begin to lose who we are which means these stories rob us of our identity. As a result, we become victims of Identity Theft. Based on his latest book, Isaiah takes a missional approach by giving the audience a vision of a better story, God's story. Isaiah will help your students reclaim their identity in the midst of lies. He will empower your students to reclaim their true identity by helping them see themselves in Christ and how their life fits within God's bigger story. Isaiah draws from his own experience using personal stories and the word of God to challenge and inspire students to live into their greater story.


Results & Benefits for Your Group

Students will discover how to:

  • Live into their greater story
  • Get a vision of how their lives fit within God’s Bigger Story
  • Identity theft proof their life
  • Help their peers live into their greater story
  • Live missional and fulfill God’s purpose in their lives